"I Was A Witness" at Oxford American

Since February I've had the pleasure and honor of getting to know Louis Zoellar Bickett II, an artist and lifelong Kentuckian. It's an incredible honor to have my piece about him, his struggle with ALS and his work with THE ARCHIVE up at Oxford American

Endless thanks to Rebecca Gayle Howell, Phillip March Jones, Patsy Jones, LZB, Guy Mendes, Stuart Horodoner, Aaron Michael Skolnick, Julian Dalrymple and Matt Hill for helping make this happen. 

Whoops! It's been a minute!

Hey team! So many wonderful things have been afoot. So many good things that I made you my favorite thing: a list. This one goes backwards in time, so make sure you're ready to time travel. 

1. I wrote my first-ever visual art review! Read my review of It Can Howl, up at Atlanta Contemporary through August 7th, here! 

2. I wrote a music review too! 

3. Actually, ArtsATL got a brand spankin' new website, so maybe just peruse the whole thing! Oh, and we're throwing a launch party at the Atlanta Contemporary on June 7th! Come play

4. Oh, and I made this website to honor my hero George Plimpton

5. Is that it? That might be it. 

6. xoxo

Maybe the Biggest Week Ever – And It's Still Tuesday

Hey world. So two things – both big things – in sequential order. 

First and foremost, I'm really excited to share with the world that I'm joining Susannah Darrow and the team of ArtsATL as their new Executive Editor. Catherine Fox will be staying on with the board and will remain involved. You can read all about that here

Secondly, today I've got a big thing up at the Bitter Southerner. Back in January I told Chuck about how I had lost my Southern accent. He told me to write about it. In May I started to and fell down a bit of a rabbit hole in the process. You can follow me down it and learn about all of the amazing work a man named Walt Wolfram and his team at the North Carolina Language and Life Project are up to. Also check out some incredible imagery from Dustin Chambers. This article has been a long time coming, and it's so wonderful to see it up and out in the world. Read it here. 

The Letters Fest!

In case you didn't know it, The Letters Festival is right around the corner, this year at Atlanta Contemporary. Creative Loafing gave me a chance to talk to masterminds Scott Daughtridge and Stephanie Dowda about their work on planning the festival with Kory Oliver, Rebecca Weaver and Jamie Jones! So excited to hang with Nick Sturm, Michael Kimball, Laura Theobald, Jac Jemc, Janaka Stucky, Amelia Gray, Amy McDaniel and so many other folks next week. (And to beat Jason Koo in ping-pong. Heh heh.) Read all about it here.

Transgression this weekend!

My reading series, Transgression, which I co-curate for Deer Bear Wolf with John Carroll, will have its next installment at Phoenix Fest this weekend. We've gathered works from a bevy (like, over 25) different artists, writers, and audio designers into one empty space and have transformed it into the abandoned bunker of someone consumed by conspiracy theories. Check out this awesome write-up about the fest in Creative Loafing, and then go see it for yourself this Saturday. 

Let Them Eat Art

Creative Loafing's Food Issue dropped this week – a whole lot of love was put into it by my dear friend [glitterbabe] Stephanie Dazey, the magazine's Food Editor. She brought me on board to pen a portrait of Master Cake Artist [and glitterbabe] Karen Portaleo. Karen totally blew me away not only with her endless talent, but with her generosity and kindness. This was such a dream of an article to write. Here's the final article up at Creative Loafing. (Sweet tooths should probably have some Betty Crocker at the ready, because you're going to want a slice of something after reading this.)