Maybe the Biggest Week Ever – And It's Still Tuesday

Hey world. So two things – both big things – in sequential order. 

First and foremost, I'm really excited to share with the world that I'm joining Susannah Darrow and the team of ArtsATL as their new Executive Editor. Catherine Fox will be staying on with the board and will remain involved. You can read all about that here

Secondly, today I've got a big thing up at the Bitter Southerner. Back in January I told Chuck about how I had lost my Southern accent. He told me to write about it. In May I started to and fell down a bit of a rabbit hole in the process. You can follow me down it and learn about all of the amazing work a man named Walt Wolfram and his team at the North Carolina Language and Life Project are up to. Also check out some incredible imagery from Dustin Chambers. This article has been a long time coming, and it's so wonderful to see it up and out in the world. Read it here.