A conversation about the importance of art with Ben Chestnut

I'm so stoked about this series at ArtsATL, "Conversations from the Executive Suite," where I speak with c-level executives about the importance of art. My first conversation was with Ben Chestnut of Mailchimp, an incredibly inspiring leader. 

"The art is closely tied to what MailChimp’s business is all about, however abstract. Hopefully we can reflect that creativity back into the work we do every day." 

"I Was A Witness" at Oxford American

Since February I've had the pleasure and honor of getting to know Louis Zoellar Bickett II, an artist and lifelong Kentuckian. It's an incredible honor to have my piece about him, his struggle with ALS and his work with THE ARCHIVE up at Oxford American

Endless thanks to Rebecca Gayle Howell, Phillip March Jones, Patsy Jones, LZB, Guy Mendes, Stuart Horodoner, Aaron Michael Skolnick, Julian Dalrymple and Matt Hill for helping make this happen. 

Whoops! It's been a minute!

Hey team! So many wonderful things have been afoot. So many good things that I made you my favorite thing: a list. This one goes backwards in time, so make sure you're ready to time travel. 

1. I wrote my first-ever visual art review! Read my review of It Can Howl, up at Atlanta Contemporary through August 7th, here! 

2. I wrote a music review too! 

3. Actually, ArtsATL got a brand spankin' new website, so maybe just peruse the whole thing! Oh, and we're throwing a launch party at the Atlanta Contemporary on June 7th! Come play

4. Oh, and I made this website to honor my hero George Plimpton

5. Is that it? That might be it. 

6. xoxo